Save Time and Money with Our Vertical Transportation Consultancy Services

Improve the functionality of your premises with aid from our professionally trained lift consultants. As more building owners are becoming aware, vertical transportation systems are  crucial in the smooth operation of office buildings, commercial, residential blocks, health care environments and transport  hubs.  We provide an informed lift consultancy service to solve your problems, with condition surveys of existing lifts, audits of the quality of maintenance being provided by your  lift company and design specifications for new lifts and lift modernisation. Serving clients throughout the UK, we ensure that each lift is correctly designed, to accommodate the demands of the environment. We provide clients with the CDM knowledge and experience required for large lift projects. We work for the client  in the Principal Designer role. 


Essential Expertise

For the same reasons that you would hire an architect, engineer, or designer, you may find the need for a lift consultant. Our experienced and professional lift consultants can bring real value to any project. We advise on compliance, design criteria and product selection. Our lift consultants when appointed instil confidence to our clients they know that they have the expertise  and support they require to deliver the professional project they require. 


Independent Advice

Hemsworth Associates are independent of any lift company, we work on and behalf of the client providing impartial and concise information on all aspects of lift and escalator engineering. We advise on quality of maintenance provided by lift contractors, through condition surveys on older lift installations, feasibility studies for lifts that require upgrades or compliance with current legislation. Our design team will offer advice on new lift installations and modernisation projects. Hemsworth being totally independent allows unbiased and concise information to be presented to our clients which we consider adds real value to projects. 


Providing Value

The quality of our specifications, contract negotiations, and the coordination of all trades results in a safe and reliable operating lift. This results in benefits that outweigh the cost of our fees, evidently saving you money in the process.

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