Answering Your Questions

As specialists in our industry, we always receive questions from our clients. We’ve comprised some of the common queries here for your convenience.

Q: “How much does it cost to hire a lift consultant?”

A: Too often, the concepts of costs and investments are confused. Sure, you need to consider the costs of engaging a lift consultant, but it’s also worthwhile knowing that, generally, the consultant will save the client money – and usually within a fairly short time frame. This is done via the following:

Reduced Service Costs

Lift service agreements automatically escalate annually. If your contract has been in place for more than three years, chances are it is now above the current market price. By leveraging their relationships with the lift companies, consultants often negotiate better rates and better terms. They generally reduce annual costs significantly, and some instances by more than 50%.

Improved Preventive Maintenance

Lifts are designed with a “fail safe”. If yours breaks down more than a few times a year, the maintenance may not be up to scratch. Consultants provide service audits to identify what needs fixing, and use their influence to make sure the lift company replaces worn or faulty components at their cost, as per their service contract.

Saving Your Time and Client Dissatisfaction

An old or faulty lift generates heaps of phone calls and exhausting email trails. If a lift needs fixing, upgrading, or replacing, your consultant takes the burden off you by communicating directly with the contractor, specifying what needs to be done, organising tenders, and managing the work.

Enhancing Property Value

A shabby and unreliable lift drags down the property’s value, and it is a high safety risk too! A professional assessment of your lift reveals if proper preventative maintenance is completed, or if an upgrade may be necessary.


Lift consultants add value and save money, so engaging one is usually a great investment.

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