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Cost-Effective Consultancy

As experts within the industry, we provide premier consultancy services regarding the lifts and escalators within your property. Our team can assist and advise on lift design for new build projects, providing detailed reports on existing lift installations with regards extended life cycles, compliance and lift enhancement. If you are experiencing an unacceptable level of reliability with your lift service we have the knowledge and experience to investigate and work with the lift maintenance provider to deliver improved service. 

Consultancy Services

Your Needs Come First

At Hemsworth Associates LLP our clients needs are the priority. This may be lift reliability, reviewing lift failures and maintenance issues, improved safety, aesthetics of the lift interior or complete installation. We have a lift consultant that work with you to delever your expectations.   Browse our FAQ if you have any questions, or view our testimonials for further information.


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About Us

Reduce maintenance costs and save precious time with our comprehensive lift consultancy services. Serving clients throughout the UK, we have more than 40 years of experience, which allows us to provide industry-backed advice and guidance on vertical transportation whenever necessary. Whether you’re evaluating your contractors or completing a modernisation project, it’s important to make an informed decision. Our team assist with contract negotiation, ensure proper maintenance, and aid with your designs. You’re sure to benefit directly from our services.